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Pet ID Equine Important information

Important Information

Write the chip number or freeze mark in the spaces at the top of the identification page at the centre of the passport. Please send the following details to Pet ID Equine: your equine’s name and the Unique Equine Lifetime Number (UELN) from the front page of the passport, and details of the microchip or freeze mark. We will update our records accordingly.

Once Pet ID Equine is in receipt of the passport application, you do not have the right to cancel your request due to the uniqueness of the document. Therefore, the payment will be retained by Pet ID Equine to cover the cost of processing and issuing your application, even if you no longer require the document.

You can find out more about Horse Passport regulations by visiting the EUR-Lex website

Please ensure the correct postage is on any postal correspondence. A 1st Class Stamp is likely to be inadequate due to weight.

Microchipping of Equines

In accordance with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the microchipping of all equines is an act of veterinary surgery.

Click here for detailed information about horse passports  and associated fees.


Information updated 01/01/2016