Horse Insurance

Horse Insurance

What is horse insurance?

Horse insurance usually includes cover for Veterinary Fees to help provide financial support and peace of mind in the event of an unexpected illness or injury.

Why is horse insurance important?

At Pet ID Equine, we believe that horse insurance is an essential part of responsible ownership. That’s why we recommend Petplan® Equine, one of the UK’s leading specialist equine insurers.

According to a Petplan® Equine survey, 49% of horse owners said their horse had suffered from an injury or an illness in the last year. Advances in veterinary treatment mean vets can now offer more services than ever, but treatments can be expensive and costs soon mount up. Therefore, having the right insurance policy can help rein in the cost of unexpected veterinary bills and ensure your horse receives the best treatment, rather than the most affordable.

Why insure my horse?

Many owners who register their horse with Pet ID Equine have benefitted from insuring their horse with Petplan® Equine. Over the course of 2015, Petplan® Equine paid over £1,600 to cover the cost of a horse’s ongoing arthritis treatment and, in another case, paid £1,700 to towards the treatment of colic.

Arthritis and colic are two of the most common health problems for horses, based on the number of claims Petplan® Equine received in 2015. In fact, the top five most claimed for health problems for horses in 2015 were all for illnesses rather than injuries. This demonstrates that no matter how well someone looks after their horse some conditions cannot be prevented.

Exclusive offer

As a Pet ID Equine customer, you receive the first month of your Petplan® Equine horse insurance policy free!

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Information updated 7/11/2016